Therapeutic Court Program

Mental Health Alternatives Program (MAP)

The Mental Health Alternatives Program (MAP) is a therapeutic court that uses continuous and intense judicially supervised treatment and services to reduce repeated misdemeanor activity.

Bridgeways’ MAP Liaison works with defendants assigned to this collaborative, problem-solving court to connect them to mental health treatment and other services; encouraging high engagement and follow-through, addressing underlying issues contributing to past offenses.

Our MAP Liaison collaborates with MAP defendants to create goal plans and move them through the program’s three phases toward graduation:

  • Stability
  • Community Responsibility
  • Sustainability

Our MAP Liaison is a highly specialized and impactful part of the MAP Court team, serving as the conduit of information and support between the defendant, their treatment providers, and the court.

Bridgeways currently partners with Everett and Marysville Municipal courts. Adults living with mental health concerns, who have been arrested for a misdemeanor offense within the cities of Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, and Arlington, may be referred to MAP.

Data collected by the MAP judges show graduates have experienced a 93% reduction of recidivism. Successful participation can help break the cycle of arrest, set participants on a path of recovery and stability, and reduce negative impacts on the community.

A few brief testimonials from MAP graduates:

I’m back on my feet because people gave me a hand up. They held me accountable, but they’re also helping me out.”

“They definitely helped me accomplish my goals. With their guidance and the tools they gave me, I am learning to cope in society.”

“The MAP team has been a major factor in my recovery and turnaround.”

Due to the loss of Medicaid funding (expiring 12/31/19), the MAP Liaison position is in danger of being eliminated.

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