Bridgeways is a private not-for-profit corporation. Established in 1981, Bridgeways provides services that promote quality-of-life for individuals who live with mental illness.

Mental illness touches the lives of nearly one in four people. Ignored, it leads to homelessness, financial devastation, broken families, and suicide — all at a great cost to our community.

Our goal is to bring a sense of growth and independence to those with mental illness. We offer hope and a personal connection throughout the journey, while building practical skills for long-term success.

Bridgeways’ success is based on our integrated, three prong approach:

–          Personalized supportive services

–          Life-skills development through housing and job placement

–          A manufacturing arm that offers both client employment and financial support for the organizations ongoing mission

Because we are nimble, highly responsive and offer a deep level of expertise in this field, we can help our partners and clients achieve lasting results….adapting fluidly to their individual needs and goals along the path.

We are collaborative, solutions-oriented, and devoted to our partners’ success.

What can we do to help you achieve your goals?