Community Housing Stability and Support Program (CHSS)

Bridgeways’ team focuses on helping clients maintain precious housing stability by working on goals related to mental health recovery, assisting with emergent critical needs, and facilitating engagement with community resources and natural supports such as family and friends.

Supports include:

  • Staff utilize motivational interviewing to facilitate coordination with community resources, to fulfill Shelter Plus Care program requirements, to maintain stable housing, and to work on mental health goals.
  • If a client must search for new housing, Bridgeways’ team can assist with the process of locating, obtaining, and moving in to a new unit. We can provide tenant counseling, helps clients understand leases, and secure utilities.
  • Case managers meet with clients at their home or at location preferred by the client.

Who is Eligible

CHSS clients are referred to Bridgeways by the YWCA after they have secured a Shelter Plus Care (SPC) housing subsidy voucher. CHSS clients have a disability related to mental illness but are not yet connected to mental health services. This can be because they are not covered by a mental health benefit through private insurance, or a publicly funded health care program. This includes Medicaid-funded individuals who do not meet Access to Care standards, or are unable to meet spend-down requirements and have no other means of accessing housing stability or mental health care needs. They have experienced homelessness in the not-too-distant past (to be eligible for a SPC voucher, the applicant must be literally homeless).

How to Apply

CHSS is part of the countywide service delivery system. Individuals must first contact North Sound 211 to enroll in Coordinated Entry. If eligible for a Shelter Plus Care voucher (literally homeless, with a disability), the next step is a referral to the YWCA, which helps secure subsidized housing and complete administrative tasks such as leasing up and rental payment. Then, a client can be referred to Bridgeways for services to maintain housing stability and address mental health concerns that may have previously lead to homelessness or presented significant barriers to engaging with services.

Contact Roger Iino at or 425-513-8213 with questions or to learn more.

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