Rod retired from the Boeing Company 12 years ago, as the Operations leader at the Everett Delivery Center. He has since been coaxed back to work as an operations consultant on five separate occasions! The majority of Rod’s early career was spent as an Industrial Engineer in factory operations. He had the privilege of working all aspects of manufacturing and fabrication through final delivery. Rod transitioned to leading manufacturing teams on the 767 program and was eventually the Operations leader, responsible for the entire build process. He closed his career at the Everett Delivery Center with Operations responsibility for the delivery of all 747, 767, 777, and 787’s. In addition, during his “retirement,” Rod served as the interim CEO of a Puget Sound-area social enterprise that providesd employment opportunities for people with barriers to work. “That experience made me realize I wanted to volunteer my expertise in helping non-profit companies succeed, hence, here I am at Bridgeways,” remembered Rod. He enjoys travel, golf, family time with his wife, mom, his two daughters and two grandsons.