Tiffany has been on board at Bridgeways since 2010. During her tenure with the company, she has touched just about every facet of every program and business unit. She was initially hired as a Mental Health Assistant for the Intensive Outpatient Program Bridgeways operated at the time. After two years in this role, she was promoted to Data Integrity Specialist for clinical services, overseeing our electronic medical records system. By 2014, Bridgeways was evolving away from outpatient mental health services, toward supportive services. At this point Tiffany transitioned into our manufacturing social enterprise (having worked in manufacturing “in a previous work life”), becoming the Quality Coordinator. In 2017, Tiffany was promoted into the Shipping/Receiving and Materials supervisor role, overseeing the support operations group, ensuring jobs shipped on time, materials were ordered, and the shop was being loaded with production orders to meet customer commitments. By 2018 she was again promoted to Support Operations Manager – keeping all her previous supervisor duties while taking on the Planning and Purchasing department. Finally, in April, 2019 Tiffany was once again promoted – to Director of Manufacturing.  She now leads a team that includes four direct reports (Production Manager, Support Operations Supervisor, Shop Load Analyst, and Facilities Coordinator) and three Manufacturing Supervisors.