City of Everett Case Management Program (COE Case Management)

The City of Everett has established a co-response unit to tackle the multifaceted impact of street-level social issues. The convergence of the opioid epidemic, an acute affordable housing crisis, the weight of historical racial oppression, the prevalence of extremely low incomes, and the expansion of a region lacking essential social infrastructure has compounded the complexity of finding and accessing viable solutions. Among those most affected are the individuals living unsheltered, who grapple with an array of challenges including chronic and co-occurring health conditions, mental health struggles, substance use disorders, and traumatic histories.

In acknowledgment of these pressing needs, the City of Everett has inaugurated the Case Management Program. This initiative is designed to offer service-based case managers who will provide invaluable assistance to individuals either experiencing homelessness or consistently availing city services. The central aim is to orchestrate comprehensive care, advocate for optimal options, and furnish necessary services in alignment with each individual’s unique circumstances. By offering this support, Everett aspires to facilitate a process of recovery from homelessness while enhancing overall health and wellness.

If you need access to these supports or have any questions fill out the form HERE or click the link below.

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