Jail Transition

Bridgeways works to target those exiting jail facilities within Snohomish County that are in need of case management and care coordination services. These are adults living within Snohomish County that have a need for housing, employment, and other essential services. As opposed to the prison system, when inmates are released from jail, they are typically not given the professional support to help navigate the rigors of life and the systems impacted by the social determinants of health. They rarely, if ever, are connected with services and supports when exiting jail. This program works to address that gap in supports.  

There is an emphasis on those who suffer from a mental health concern or a substance use disorder, but that is not be a determining factor in receiving supports. The emphasis on those with a mental health concern or SUD is supported in the statistics. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 64% of all jail inmates have had a mental health problem and 76% of those with a mental health problem have substance dependence or experienced substance abuse. This shows a high need for supports for that particular population and Bridgeways is well equipped to provide them


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