Vocational Services

Bridgeways provides contracted services to customers of Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), including Community-Based Assessments, and job placement and retention services.

A Community-Based Assessment (CBA) is a service where we can observe a DVR customer perform jobs in a real work setting, which is our own manufacturing social enterprise.

A DVR customer will work in the job for a defined period of time. Our case manager, as well as the work area supervisor, will submit a report providing feedback to DVR and the customer about how they did in a work setting. The report includes feedback on areas of strength or weakness, and what to focus on for future job settings.

We also provide job placement and retention services for DVR customers that are similar to our Supported Employment services, yet are time-limited.

Who is Eligible

A DVR customer who is experiencing challenges to securing or retaining employment due to a disability related to mental illness.

How to Apply

DVR Counselors may refer customers with a mental health diagnosis.

Contact Stephanie Overton at soverton@bridgeways.org or 425-513-8213 with questions or to learn more.

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